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Creating Change for Children
Imagine a library of visual stories that inspire change worldwide. Room to Read, a global nonprofit championing literacy and gender equality through education, found a game-changer in Air as its creative operations platform and has built a global collection of thousands of children’s books and an extensive multimedia library in their Air workspace. In a candid conversation with Jacqueline Pezzillo, Room to Read's VP of Marketing and Communications, we uncovered the transformative impact Air has had on their creative output.
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The Need for Speed

Room to Read's adoption of Air was prompted by the organization's need for a more efficient and organized approach to managing their extensive visual library - with thousands of photos and videos used for marketing, communications, and programmatic initiatives as well as an archive of original children’s books. Jacqueline expressed her satisfaction, stating, "For many years prior to Air, we were operating with the systems that we had available, [which] are not efficient ways of working — using systems like SharePoint, for example, as our visual asset organization platforms.” "Nothing was shareable externally," Jacqueline continued. "We were having trouble building scalable systems that allowed for optimizing our workflow and our personnel’s time.”

“For an organization like us that’s really focused on changing the world, time is highly valuable. Air has been a game-changer, frankly, and we've drastically transformed the way that we work.”
Jacqueline Pezzillo
Vice President of Marketing and Communications, Room to Read

Superior Features and Support

In their vast sea of content, Air emerged as Room to Read's guiding compass. "We have thousands of children's book titles that we've developed and published as an organization. The ability to swiftly search for visual assets became a game-changer, as Jacqueline noted, "The tagging and metadata overall has been a critical asset for us." This award-winning organization streamlined their workflow, making it more intuitive and responsive to their needs. Air offered attractive features and support that extended beyond functionality. Jacqueline praised the team, highlighting that "You're always available, and you're always willing to help us talk through our vision for excellence." The integration with Canva added another layer of efficiency, saving valuable time by eliminating the need for downloading and uploading images.

“The close partnership that you offer has made onboarding a seamless experience.”
Jacqueline Pezzillo
Vice President of Marketing and Communications, Room to Read

Multimedia Project Management Made Easy

Room to Read recently embarked on a unique multimedia campaign called "She Creates Change." Jacqueline shared, "Having Air as a technology platform...has allowed us to navigate a multimedia project with high-quality storytelling content with real ease." The platform's adaptability to handle a high volume of video assets seamlessly demonstrated Air's versatility and efficiency. Jacqueline emphasized the qualitative impact of Air on their operations. She stressed the importance of time savings, noting, "Air has shortened our asset search time enormously. And for an organization with 1600 staff across 19 countries, that efficiency equates to more children benefited from our programs." “It’s a smart investment," she said of Air, enhancing the sustainability of the organization as adoption of the product grows. Jacqueline shared insights into high internal adoption rates, stating, "It's one of the only products that I've seen introduced... where the sentiment has been overwhelmingly positive."

"We've been pleasantly surprised at every turn."
Jacqueline Pezzillo
Vice President of Marketing and Communications, Room to Read

Happily Ever After

Room to Read's partnership with Air emerged as a success story, showcasing the platform's effectiveness in addressing the unique challenges of a global nonprofit organization. The case study highlights the significant impact on workflow efficiency, cost savings, and user satisfaction, reinforcing Air's position as a valuable tool for creative operations in the nonprofit sector. “Air has provided valuable support and pro bono opportunities for Room to Read that allow us to devote 86% of our revenue to our programmatic operations and maintain our commitment to financial accountability and transparency,” Jacqueline concluded. As Room to Read continues its mission, Air stands as a supportive ally, making their creative processes more efficient, effective, and contributing to the success of their impactful initiatives.

"It's one of the only products that I've seen introduced...where the sentiment has been overwhelmingly positive."
Jacqueline Pezzillo
Vice President of Marketing and Communications, Room to Read

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