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Unlocking the Power of Content
Sports professionals know that staying ahead requires more than just expertise on the court. Drew Hanlen, CEO of Pure Sweat Basketball and NBA strategic skills coaching consultant working with 15 NBA players year-round, understands how having both quality content and the right tools to manage it can shape a brands narrative.

A Brand’s Need for Creative Defense

Maintaining a strong brand image is crucial. Hanlen notes that many athletes fall victim to putting out subpar content that can negatively impact their brand, straining to appeal to their audience due to lack of time and resources. To combat this, Pure Sweat Basketball adopted a strategy focused on documenting the authentic grind happening behind the scenes rather than crafting fairy tales. With Hanlen spending hours on the court daily, recording every moment, Pure Sweat Basketball faced the challenge of managing a vast amount of footage. Hanlen shares, "A normal day for me might be on the court for hours a day. That’s days a week of unseen footage. We were at least a terabyte deep into [footage] every single week."

"The problem was [our content] wasn't available to us... I'm on the road all year round."
Drew Hanlen
CEO of Pure Sweat Basketball

Easy Access for Client Needs

Recognizing the need for efficient content management, Hanlen and Pure Sweat Basketball transitioned to Air two years ago. This shift proved transformative for the company, offering a suite of functions that streamlined content organization and retrieval. Hanlen highlights the ability to quickly search for specific content as a game-changer, especially when addressing immediate concerns with clients. "I'm on the road all year round. With Air, I can organize all of the content just like I need it. It allows me to quickly search for stuff that I need. There are times when I'm in a city with a client, and maybe their shot's not feeling great.” Using Air’s custom fields and AI-generated keywords, Hanlen is able to find exactly what he needs when he needs it. “I'm able to hop on my phone and immediately type in the player's name, pull up their clips so that we can get back to doing what they did when they were making shots and feeling comfortable and confident," says Hanlen.

"We made the switch over to Air which helped me a ton because there's so many different functions that allow me to organize all of the content just like I need it."
Drew Hanlen
CEO of Pure Sweat Basketball

Pivoting Strategy During COVID

The COVID-19 pandemic presented unprecedented challenges for every business, but it also became an opportunity for Pure Sweat Basketball to revisit their content vault. Going through terabytes of footage, the team uncovered hidden gems and valuable older content. By leveraging Air’s visual-first library of assets, Hanlen re-discovered content with some of the best moments that had never been shared before, resonating well with their audience.

"We went through the vault. We went back through the terabytes of footage that we had from the past and found hidden gems that we hadn't posted. We went back to older content that was still gold for all the consumers."
Drew Hanlen
CEO of Pure Sweat Basketball

Air is a Slam Dunk

In the competitive realm of athletics, results are paramount. Hanlen emphasizes, "In my industry, it all comes down to results. The best thing you can do to grow and establish yourself as a trainer is help your clients get results." With Air, Pure Sweat Basketball not only improved content management but also enhanced their ability to deliver tangible results for their clients.

"In my industry, it all comes down to results."
Drew Hanlen
CEO of Pure Sweat Basketball

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