Project Management

November 12, 2020 · 1 min read

Templates for running meetings, tracking work, and submitting feedback all on Notion.

All Work Database How-To

The All Work Database is a centralized hub for tracking your work in Notion. You can use it for projects across all teams and pods.

Air'sPods: How work happens at Air

This document outlines how we structure cross-functional teams at Air, what the different roles and responsibilies are, and how we come together to get shit done.

Pod Roles & Responsibilities

A breakdown of the roles and responsibilities of each member in a pod, this document contains both written descriptions as well as a Kanban board to clearly display the information.

Kanban 101

This document provides a comprehensive overview of the project management system and how to implement it effectively.

Incoming Requests Templates

A form to be filled out and submitted by any individual proposing the redesign of an existing product feature or the development of a new one.

Submitting Feedback

This document provides a guide on what do with any feedback an employee or customer has on the product.

Design → Development Hand-Off

A list of best practices to make the design to development hand-off as smooth as possible.

Mixpanel Tutorial

This document provides term definitions and use cases to build familiarity around the self-service analytics tool.

Meeting Notes

A collection of documents designed to standardize how Product Managers format and organize meeting notes.

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