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We're living our vocation. Having fun as we grow to become the best at what we do. We're entrepreneurial and focused, selflessly tackling problems head-on. We communicate with empathy, listen actively, and solve creatively.


This is the essence of what it means to work at Air. Our principles are not memorized. Rather, they are lived and there is no rank order of importance. Low EgoWe are vulnerable and human. We’re genuinely excited to learn from others and always willing to admit our mistakes. While our ambitions are vast, we enjoy the journey and never take ourselves too seriously. This humility is what allows everyone to express their opinion regardless of title or tenure. Thoughtful We are mindful of the way we work. We understand how unique and exciting this opportunity is and we approach each decision with curiosity and care. We take time to plan, optimize a process, help a teammate, or document our learnings along the way. “New Yorkers”We are dynamic and solutions-oriented. Grit, hustle, and adaptability are found throughout our day-to-day. We solve problems efficiently and move on. If 20% of the work can get 80% of the value we lean into that solution first. We are unafraid to make big bets or take risks. KindnessWe push for improvements with empathy. We are considerate as we pursue the right answer. We strive to be direct, push back, and convey our honest feelings. We find common ground and when a decision is made we commit and move forward as a team. Cura personalis We care for the entire person. We believe that every facet of an individual deserves care and attention. We honour and celebrate our differences, solving issues and problems holistically. This mission extends to our coworkers, customers, and the community.


Our mission, values, and principles are not just lofty aspirations, they are the threads that weave into the unique and special Air culture that we live and work within every day. They should be applied in tangible and practical ways as we engage in our most important activities, including hiring, performance evaluations, and business decision-making. Hiring - Do potential new hires understand and connect with Air’s mission and values? Do the personal characteristics, answers to interview questions, and reference reports on potential new hires align with Air’s principles? Performance reviews - Consider how the team member has demonstrated commitment to Air’s values. Which of Air’s principles has the team member demonstrated, or failed to demonstrate, during the last evaluation period? Decision-making - What outcome will adhere most closely to Air’s core values and model its principles? Applications are especially important because, as our company grows, and our founders become less involved in many of our important day-to-day decisions, using our Mission, Values, and Principles actively in making these decisions is the best way to ensure that our culture remains vibrant and strong.

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