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Content Transfer
Partners are people too

Working with freelancers and contractors shouldn't be so complicated. Allow guest members to access and contribute to your workspace with ease.

Send and receive content in one centralized tool

To stay organized and save time, give partners access to specific boards in your workspace!

  • Guest upload Pass along an empty board so anyone can upload content in your library.

  • Download content Instantly share support materials in your RFP and throughout a creative project.

  • Migration service Archive all of your content from hard drives to the cloud after bigger engagements.

"We were using a ton of different spreadsheets to keep track of our assets before. Now sharing files with stakeholders is a breeze."

Nikko Duren
Editorial Ops @ The Infatuation

Every tool you need for content transfer

Upload non-visual files
Drag to rearrange assets
Advanced link permissions
Free uploads and imports up to 5GB

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Creative Requests

Search the way you think

Somewhere along the line, marketing managers turned into Dropbox operators. Enough! Now everyone on your team can find exactly what they need thanks to image recognition, color filters, and powerful search.

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Creative Reviews

Feedback where you need it

No matter how far back you scroll in the chat, that note from last week's photo shoot is gone forever. Now you can pull together everyone's thoughts on the content itself so your brilliant ideas are never lost.

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Content Strategy

Show them what you mean

Maybe you don't always need to create a deck. Develop and share lightweight presentations in Air to bring your most creative ideas to life without the hassle.

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