UX and CX are critical, but both rely on BX. Air is where Brand Experience happens.

designed to send team productivity soaring

Teams define, manage, and shape every touch-point of their brand on Air.

Why are people using Air for Brand Experience?

designed to send team productivity soaring

  • Every company is a media company

    Images, videos, PDFs, and other forms of visual data are increasingly needed in business. Yesterday, "content" was reserved for the occasional campaign, but today newsletters, social posts, and product demos are built for this visual world.
  • Brand building takes a village

    Working with content isn't just a marketing task. Most employees use creative assets throughout their day-to-day workflows. Organizing, transferring, and facilitating collaboration around this content is an impossible task for an already undersized marketing team.
  • Mistakes cost real money

    Using the wrong asset, writing the wrong caption, or deleting the perfect shot can have massive implications. With so much content flying around the company it is extremely difficult to maintain your brand authority and identity.

"Brand matters. Brands have a soul that is not easy to quantify."

Andy Dunn CEO @ Bonobos

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designed to send team productivity soaring

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