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Creativity without the nonsense

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Collage of Air's search features
Creative Requests

Search the way you think

Bye bye broken links, slow interfaces, lost feedback, and confusing naming conventions. Air empowers your team to take an active role in brand experience (BX).

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An example of commenting in a workspace on Air
Creative Reviews

Feedback where you need it

No matter how far back you scroll in the chat, that note from last week's photo shoot is gone forever. Now you can pull together everyone's thoughts on the content itself so your brilliant ideas are never lost.

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Floating assets of product packaging to illustrate how someone might upload content to a board on Air.
Content Transfer

Partners are people too

Working with freelancers and contractors shouldn't be so complicated. Allow guest members to access and contribute to your workspace with ease.

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Example boards for that show off how a team might plan their content calendar or organize content for a new campaign.
Content Strategy

Show them what you mean

Maybe you don't always need to create a deck. Develop and share lightweight presentations in Air to bring your most creative ideas to life without the hassle.

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Mobile workspace on a purple background
Social Media Planning

Post and share without AirDrop

Your boss isn't paying for your iCloud bill, but your phone is where you do all your best work. Access your entire content library at your fingertips with the Air mobile app for iOS and Android.

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Floating assets on a blue background. Logo, packaging, product shots.
Brand Guidelines

Stop using the wrong image

Your company rebranded in 2018 but someone keeps using the old logo in emails and sales decks by mistake. Take control of your brand with permissions that protect Jim from himself.

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