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Endless creative requests destroy productivity. Paige automates the trivial tasks, giving you space to be creative.

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When the little tasks are automated, the big picture becomes clear.Paige is an AI enhancement to Air’s Enterprise product. It thinks and executes creative requests the same way your creative team does. Air’s software is already smart, but Paige brings it to “favorite coworker” levels of responsiveness.

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AI-powered tagging system

Paige automatically tags every element, so you don't have to.

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Facial Recognition

You tag your clients, models, or teammates just once, and Paige instantly tags them everywhere else.

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Object Recognition

Paige isn’t just good with faces. You can also train the AI to recognize objects like your products.

Object Recognition
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AI isn’t the end of creative work. It’s the beginning…

Air believes that thoughtful application of AI can act as a creative’s best friend, pulling the busywork off of their plates so they can focus on what they do best: creating.

Launch Plan

Over the course of twelve months, we will work closely with a cohort of brands towards one goal: complete automation of their creative process.

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Phase 1

Migrate Client to Air Enterprise

Through org-wide onboarding, training, and iterative design sessions, the client is now Air-borne and ready to start automating.

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Phase 2

Go Meta(data)

Using advanced face recognition, enhanced auto-tagging, custom object recognition, natural language search, and more, clients start to explore what Paige can really do.

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Phase 3

Paige, a Full-time Hire

Through content-aware resizing, text-command cropping and edits, and auto-generated style guides, Paige becomes an indispensable full member of the team.

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