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Cloud storage doesn't realize you work in the cloud. Air makes creative collaboration a breeze.

Brands love Air because they can work creatively from anywhere at anytime with anyone.

Why are people switching from Cloud Storage to Air?
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    Everything is lost No one knows where your stuff goes when it's in the cloud. On Air, image recognition, color search, and versioning allow everyone to find what they need, when they need it.

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    Too many tools Your content isn't the same in Cloud Storage. You didn't create slow, low-res content, but that's how you're seeing it in Cloud Storage. Air shows you everything exactly as it is and never compresses your content.

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    Partnerships are important Cloud Storage permissions put your business at risk and working with freelancers and agencies is a pain. Brands choose Air because they can seamlessly collaborate with internal and external partners.

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Creative Requests

Search the way you think

Somewhere along the line, marketing managers turned into Dropbox operators. Enough! Now everyone on your team can find exactly what they need thanks to image recognition, color filters, and powerful search.

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Creative Reviews

Feedback where you need it

No matter how far back you scroll in the chat, that note from last week's photo shoot is gone forever. Now you can pull together everyone's thoughts on the content itself so your brilliant ideas are never lost.

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"Steve Jobs would've used Air not iCloud"

Musician @ Independent

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