Seamless Collaboration
Collect, review, and approve content

Now the only painful part of the feedback cycle is the feedback. Create public boards and allow guests to upload directly into your workspace. Leave comments, have discussions, and make selects with context.

UI animation of content transfer

Send and receive content in one centralized tool

To stay organized and save time, give partners access to specific boards in your workspace!

Collect content from guests
Partners and freelancers can upload content directly into your workspace.

Conduct creative reviews
Have discussions next to your content. Mention teammates, get clarification, make selects, and more.

Deliver to stakeholders
Share content with partners in public boards with advanced permissions.

Adding members and sharing a public board

Keep track of all the moving pieces

The creative process is messy, your workspace isn't.

Iterate with context

Know who added content to your workspace, when, and why. Review feedback and resolve confusion without missing a beat.

Granular user permissions
Get picky about workspace members. Give guests access to your entire workspace or just add them to a board or two.

Approve content and make selects
Create custom labels to let the team know what’s approved, final, or ready to be shared with the public.

Avatar of Lupii co-founder, Allie Dempster

"Our feedback is finally in one place, and boards make it so easy to share assets with our agency for approvals. Game changer!"

Allie Dempster
Co-Founder & CMO @ Lupii

Follow projects from start to finish

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Advanced link permissions
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Mobile and email notifications
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Comments and discussions
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Custom permissions for guest collaborators

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Find exactly what you're looking for

Navigate your workspace like a search engine. Built-in features like image recognition and smart tags enable anyone on your team to jump in and locate assets all by themselves.

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Visual Workspace

Polished and practical UI lets your content shine

Stop hiding your assets in folders and zip files. Plan social media posts, create lightweight presentations, and organize your content in a workspace that reflects your brand.

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Flexible Structure

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One tool, infinite use cases. Track new changes and clearly identify the latest asset version. Keep all of your relevant project files close by — MP3s and CSVs welcome.

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