Flexible Structure
Limitless possibilities for different workflows

One tool, infinite use cases. Track new changes and clearly identify the latest asset version. Keep all of your relevant project files close by — MP3s and CSVs welcome.

UI animation of brand guidelines

Get on the same page without another meeting

Asset approvals
The final call lives on Air. Feedback is centralized so your entire team can see the status of a project.

Update assets, everywhere. Now if you update a logo or a wordmark, you can add it to your workspace as the newest version.

Adjustable views
Gallery view for searching and sharing. Table view for organizing and tagging. Custom view for whatever you want.


AMA: Versions

What’s so cool about versions?
Unlike Dropbox and Google Drive, Air decreases the chance of someone on your team using an outdated, incorrect asset.

Does adding a new version update the asset everywhere?
Yes! Assets can live in multiple places on Air. For example, your brand logo can live in a board for marketing and a board for the sales team. So if your designer uploads a new version, it will show up everywhere that asset appears in your workspace.

What file types should go on Air?
Air was built specifically for visual assets, but most file types can be uploaded to Air. For a comprehensive list of our accepted formats, check out the Help Center →

Efficient tools for every type of collaborator

Clock icon illustration
Asset versions and history
Label icon illustration
Labels to search and organize content
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Advanced link permissions
Image recognition icon illustration
Automated image recognition

See how else Air supports your creative process

Seamless Collaboration

Collect, review, and approve content

Now the only painful part of the feedback cycle is the feedback. Create public boards and allow guests to upload directly into your workspace. Leave comments, have discussions, and make selects with context.

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Smart Search

Find exactly what you're looking for

Navigate your workspace like a search engine. Built-in features like image recognition and smart tags enable anyone on your team to jump in and locate assets all by themselves.

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Visual Workspace

Polished and practical UI lets your content shine

Stop hiding your assets in folders and zip files. Plan social media posts, create lightweight presentations, and organize your content in a workspace that reflects your brand.

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