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Air Creator Program

Shape the product of your dreams! Select members will receive access to a private community of content creators, asset library cleanup, and 25 TBs of free cloud storage for life.

We're shaking things up

Cloud storage has been around for decades, but products like Dropbox and GDrive haven't evolved to support all the ways people create and distribute content today. Instead of building smart solutions, they force users to figure it out on their own.

Nobody is more burdened by this than content creators. Managing visual assets is often the most tedious part of a project for videographers, photographers, and designers.

We're fixing that. Air is the centralized hub for your content — something organized, structured, versioned, and easy to share.

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Built by creators, for creators

We believe the creative process should be easy, fast, and fun.

Air launched in 2020 to support teams, but we received hundreds of inquiries from individuals interested in using Air for personal use. So we got to work.

Less than a year later, independent creators and freelancers can create a workspace on Air, too! The Creator Program is one way we plan to build a connection with this community, and hope it results in better solutions that enable more moments of joy.

Who should apply?

We're looking for independent creators and freelancers, specifically people who fall within these three categories:


Art Directors 

Creative Directors


Graphic Designers
Animators Art Directors Creative Directors Illustrators Graphic Designers


Event Photographers Lifestyle Photographers Product Photographers


Videographers Producers Cinematographers
Program details

We can't wait to kick things off with Cohort #2! Here's what to expect:

  • 25 TBs of storage

  • Migration and organization assistance

  • Premium customer support

  • Access to a private community of content creators

  • The opportunity to shape the product of your dreams

  • Asset migration (we can help!) and consistent use of Air

  • Participation in two working sessions per month

  • Completion of one feedback survey per month

Cohort #2: Key dates
September 20-October 1, 2021
Applications open
October 13, 2021
Members selected
October 2021 - January 2022
Program in session
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Throw your hat in the ring

Participants will receive 25 TBs free cloud storage for life! Submit your application for cohort #2 before October 1.