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July Product Update

July 08, 2021 · 2 min read

What's new on Air?

This month's new features further optimize your workflow, particularly around collaboration and through organization. You can now customize new notification options to stay more informed, automatically build version stacks whenever you upload a new version of an item, and save customized board views. It's now easier to keep track of everything in your workspace.

Read all about the latest changes:


For too long, you've only had @-mention notifications. You now have the option of receiving notifications for non-mention comments on assets you've previously commented on. You can also follow a board and get notifications for everything that happens therein, including comments, uploads, and so on. We've made it easier for you to keep track of what's going on in your workspaces.

Follow this board modal

Versions 2.0

Versioning, one of Air's most-beloved features, just got even better. Now, whenever you upload any item, we automatically check to see if any other items in the board you're uploading to have the same name. If so, you're given the option of collecting those same-named items in a version stack. If you're uploading multiple same-named items at once, you can apply to all or choose item-by-item.

New version upload: "Duplicate item name" modal

Saving a view

Want to change the way you view a particular board? You were already able to sort and customize board views, but your customized view didn't stick. Now it will! Switch between table and gallery, toggle different data, and sort your board however you like — then save these preferences for your (and your team's) next visit.

Demonstrating how to choose and save a view

Other updates:

  • New look and feel for sub-boards and headers

  • Change settings from the side navigation panel

  • Right-click anywhere in a board to act (upload, import, etc.)

  • Bulk action items bar at screen bottom (select multiple items to see it!)

Coming soon:

  • Download images in different resolutions and formats

  • Fully configurable views (including kanban!)

  • Sort and filter with custom fields

  • Markup & video timestamp commenting

  • Dark mode

  • Improved video player

  • Proxy editing

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