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Consider this your one-stop shop for all documents relevant to new hires, the leadership team, and beyond!

Learn how we organize our org chart, structure our culture book, conduct 1-on-1s, and more.

Roles and Expectations

Org Chart

Create a transparent organizational structure that avoids both red tape and confusion. At Air, we are all pursuing our vocation, and management's core job function is to promote individual growth.

Mentorship Guidelines

A mentor is a defined resource for a more junior member of the team. It's also a great opportunity for employees who want to grow into a management position.

New Hire Docs

Culture Book

Your company's mission, values, and core principles. They can be applied in tangible and practical ways as you engage in your most important activities, including: hiring, performance evaluations, and business decision-making.

User Manual Template

The personal user manual was designed to highlight your working style. It should make it easier to give and receive feedback, decrease the potential for misunderstandings, and improve your working relationships.

Design Team Onboarding

A guide for new product designers to get familiar with the team's process. Learn how designers work together, collaborate with Product Managers, and assist engineers with PRs and QA.

Engineering Onboarding

A guide for new engineers. Expectations for different role types, various touch points with the team, and clarifying information about how success is measured.

Product Team Onboarding

A guide for members of the product team. Get acclimated to the tools, your teammates, the pod structure, and more.

Employee Benefits Summary

A summary of the main benefits offered to full-time employees at Air. We believe in investing in the long term health, productivity, and continued education of our employees.

Equity at Air

Equity can be difficult to understand and value. This document aims to clarify how equity works at Air so employees can make informed personal financial decisions.

Leadership Materials

Management Expectations

A manager is a teacher in the truest sense of the word. They embody all of our core values and their most important job is to help their team grow. This doc outlines their responsibilies, SLA, and measuring success.

Giving Feedback

The goal of this document is clearly define your feedback processes. Standardizing this will promote efficiency and provide consistency across the team.

Self Quarterly Review Survey

An example of our quarterly evaluation structure. This should be completed by all employees and reviewed by their direct manager, followed by an in-person session.

Manager Quarterly Review Survey

This is the document management uses to evaluate their direct reports. This should be completed before reviewing their employee's self-assesment, and then discussed together at the in-person session.

1-on-1 Agenda Template

Ensure 1-on-1s are productive and contribute to the growth of each and every individual with an orgized strcuture. These meetings should cover strategic, tactical, and personal goals.

Interview Etiquette

When you invite candidates to interview, you are also being interviewed. It's important to put your best foot forward, showing every candidate that you are organized, thoughtful, and professional.

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